SqUeezed UP | The Movie

"Squeezed Up | Tales of Polynesian Pop and Kustom Kulture" is the upcoming new documentary film by filmmaker Dirk "The Pixeleye" Behlau the co-director and DoP of internationally acclaimed documentary film Flake & Flames - Kustom Kulture Film released in 2013.

Dirk will spend two weeks in California in october 2018 with a bunch of guys and their Hot Rods where they will meet up with with other gearheads & artists visiting extraordinairy places and having a helluva time. That's the plan... follow their journey, let's see what will happen.

Some additional info by director Dirk Behlau - please read:
Due the fact that I co-directed the classic Kustom Kulture documentary Flake & Flakes (FF) I am aware that some people may expect something like FF Part II. I’m sorry but „Squeezed Up“ is not planned as a sequel, in fact it is something completely different. While FF was a documentary film about the Kustom Kulture scene in the US and Europe this project is more like a road movie of friends visiting cool places and meet other people - having fun and make new experiences. Everything is already set up, we have a tight schedule and lots of plans. I’m curious myself how this will work out.

Some people may thing: Why is Jesper Bram, my danish buddy, I did FF with not on board? Because it’s no FF Part II :) Jesper is a renowned tattoo artist nowadays and focussing on his Lowbrow academy as well. We are still good friends and he is aware of this project… actually he was one of the first people I have spoken about the film. He’s totally cool with it I’m doing this and totally supports the project.


When will the film be out?
First we have to do it, edit it and many more things… so I guess something in late 2019. On DVD and digital. Maybe even with an additional coffee-table book.

Who is involved?
Dirk Behlau is shooting the film on his own. Stefan Immke, Tattoo Artist Andy´s Body Electric (you may know from FF), Matze from Germany plus Shane Bagnall from the US and a long list of creative people. Yes there will be Hot Rods involved too :) More info to follow when we have everything together.

As said we have a very tight schedule and therefore we won't be able to do much extra stuff. Of course we would like to visit more places and everything but please don't ask if you can participate i nthe movie, if we can drop by your house, shop, bar etc. :) We would love to do that but it will be impossible.

Thanks for reading!
Cheers, Dirk

ABOUT the filmmaker

Dirk Behlau, aka „The Pixeleye“, born in 1971, is an internationally acclaimed Designer, Filmmaker, Creative Director and Photographer from Bonn/Germany. 

Since 1999 Dirk Behlau is creating individual high-class projects for international clients in his design-studios „Pixeleye Industries“ and movie department "Beastwood Films". Squeezed Up is his second documentary film after the highly acclaimed Kustom Kulture Flake & Flames.

"The Pixeleye is a more than suitable name for Dirk to brand his company. Hell, it IS Dirk. He's got this magical ability to frame the shot in his head before he even starts work. The picture is taken long before he ever holds the camera up. The camera is nothing but a tool to capture what he sees in his head - you only need to be in his company for five minutes to figure out that this is what he's doing. While that might also be true of most professional photographers twenty years ago, it’s certainly not normal anymore. In an era when you can rattle off thousands of shots and hope for the best, working Dirk's way is an art form in itself." Sion Smith, Author


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